When I first started working with authors, I identified myself as a professional publishing consultant and even set
up an email address with “publishingconsultant@” (people still ask me how I managed to snag that). Over time, the term began to take shape and more people started using it. After Borders closed their doors, I found a flood of “publishing consultants” entering the market. Being like everyone else isn’t my style, so I pulled my notepad and red pen out and started scribbling publishing words. Words of authority. And so on and so forth. After burning through several pages, the words “publishing architect” seemed to jump off the page. This was late 2008. Whether I’m working on the publishing strategy for a book, magazine, or content for a podcast, for me the architectural structure is critical. The foundation’s plan supports the long-term success of any publishing project. So when the time came for me to bring my book series to life, Publishing Architect™ just made sense. With your expectations in check, a general overview of the fundamentals of publishing and an awareness of the important role technology plays in the entire process, you’re ready to build your custom publishing plan, or, as I like to call it a “publishing blueprint.”

With the launch of my new website and the release of my book Publishing Architect’s Blueprint: Self-Publishing Fundamentals, I’ll be documenting my personal publishing and marketing journey. Authors I encourage you to join me as I put my methodology into practice.


Sherrie Wilkolaski, Publishing Architect™